Finding a voice for a new medical school with fresh ideas but no history.

Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin is the first tier-one public university in the United States to build a new medical school in almost 50 years.

The vision of the Dell Medical School is to develop new approaches for teaching, patient care, and research – all with the greater goal to transform medical education and healthcare delivery.

With the intent to capture this ambitious spirit, we were charged with developing an identity for the new medical school that communicates innovation and energy, and that could support efforts to recruit faculty and students and develop groundbreaking curricula and partnerships.

Looking at everything with fresh eyes and a new start is at the heart of the school’s mission and led to the creation of the “Rethink Everything” identity and campaign.

Question. Rethink. Repeat.

The campaign became an effective tool for promoting the school and its greater vision of transforming healthcare. Community leaders embraced the campaign and its slogan as a way of talking about the medical school and its impact on the community and well-being of Austin.

In addition to the identity system and campaign, we designed various print and digital collateral pieces, and developed extensive brand guidelines for the school’s use and brand implementation.

Curiosity and discovery belong in school.

The interior environmental graphics program designed for the Health Learning Building utilizes a range of methods and applications to tell a story in the environment. Elements sprinkled throughout the space are intended to speak to the values of the new medical school, inspire curiosity and invite discovery. 

Many of the graphics are placed in unexpected places, and at times are small but meaningful moments. The mix of scale, materials, and impact all work together to create an organic and interesting graphics program.

Helpful tools for seamless wayfinding.

Our team designed a comprehensive signage and wayfinding program for the new district. A user-friendly wayfinding system is vital for a new medical school and campus that anchors a growing health district and encompasses hospital and emergency facilities.

The program included the design and development of a custom wayfinding microsite that utilizes MapWell technology. We collaborated with Leslie Wolke of MapWell Studio for the microsite component.

Services Provided

Brand identity design
Communications strategy and campaign development
District signage and wayfinding program
Interior storytelling and specialty environmental graphics
Donor recognition
Wayfinding microsite