New identities for sister public radio stations with unique and familiar personalities.

The Austin Music Experience & Austin's NPR Station

Page/Dyal Branding & Graphics was engaged to develop new brand identities for Austin Public radio stations KUT and KUTX.

KUT, the station that had been devoted to both music and news for nearly 50 years, acquired a new frequency in 2013. With this acquisition KUT 90.5 became dedicated to news and information as Austin’s NPR Station, and KUTX 98.9 fully devoted to music.

While the stations share a home in the studio headquarters, they each have their unique content, voice and personality. The design charge was to develop new identities for each of the stations that accurately portray the missions, attributes and voices.

True to type.

In our discovery and concept phase, the design team took note of the universal use of Cooper Black, a serif typeface that has an influence and place in so many cultural touchpoints, spanning every decade since the 1920s. Because of its pedigree and relevance, it has a familiarity and charm.

Made here. Played here.

KUTX, at its fundamental level, catalogs and curates the music that matters, and is a platform for content and experiences. The KUTX voice and attitude takes on a unique and special tone that those who tune in regularly instantly recognize. We wanted to craft an identity that reflected the voice that so many in Austin (including the project designers) revere and know so well. KUTX rightly so prides itself on being a platform for music that is ‘made here’, ‘played here’, and has stood the test of time.

Austin music is... community.

There is a sort of insider quality and appeal for KUTX listeners. They know the programming, the hosts, the quirks—all of which make the listener experience unique but relatable. 

The KUTX identity utilizes Cooper Black, which in a way pays tribute to the countless artists and musical groups that has played such a role and influence on the station throughout its history. The result is a visual identity that resonates with the brand promise, and is approachable and authentic.

Depth and Perspective.

The KUT identity was inspired by the qualities that make KUT vital and essential to the local and larger community. In our early discovery we identified various qualities that represented KUT, and two in particular resonated with the design team and the client as being the essential foundations of KUT—depth and perspective. KUT provides in-depth reporting that provides their audience with understanding and perspective.

These attributes became the springboard for the visual identity exploration, and we looked at layering and shifting viewpoints and angles. The ultimate solution subtly alludes to this idea with layered fields of information.

KUT Public Media Studios Donor Wall